Australian Folk and Country Music.
The Pioneers busking in broome
The Pioneers busking in Broome
The Pioneers Bush Band, which Liz and I started in 1984, play every second Sunday at the historic Mundaring Weir Hotel between 2pm and 5pm.  The current line up is myself and Liz and on bass and vocal harmonies we have Tim Gillett.
I began my music career playing bass guitar in rock music.  I got tired of the noise and was drawn more and more to the sounds of acoustic instruments and folk style music. Even in the 1960's and early 1970's I enjoyed that music and from when I met Liz in 1975 we played at folk clubs around Perth. We played often at the legenderry Stables Folk Club when it was run by Stan Hastings.  

When we first started the Pioneers we used to play mainly traditional Australian Folk music and some country music. We still play the traditional songs and tunes but also we play many of my original songs. Many of my songs reflect inspiration from the wonderful landscape of Western Australia, spirituality, psychology and philosophy, and the power of the natural world to heal and comfort us.
I also play solo gigs and with Liz as a duo.

I have made some of our songs available to you to download. they are low quality recordings. if you want the CD quality recordings you can contact me. david@davidrivettmusic.com

The Pioneers have two albums ;

   "No other Land on earth" and "Wide Open Spaces."

Liz and I drove up to Broome July 2012 and while we were there we played a gig at Matsoes with Peter Harper on bass. We busked at the markets and while playing there we were invited to sing on ABC Kimberly. here is the recording of that interview with a couple of pieces of music . We played a song a called Why should I worry? and I played an improvised guitar piece using a loop station..

Here are some live recordings. they are all recorded straight off the desk at the Mundaring Weir Hotel.
New Live Recordings
And here are some new live recordings.........
David Liz and Eric
The Pioneers Bush Band; David and Liz with Eric


The Pioneers are an acoustic trio with their own twist to Australian music which draws on country and folk roots. Established in 1985 Liz and David were joined by fiddle player Les Helfgott untill 1990. Dave Clark then played fiddle and harmonica, followed by Gamani Wickramasingha. After Gamani,  Erik Kowarski joined the band on fiddle and vocals.Erik left to rejoin Mucky Duck Bush band and Tim Gillet became the third member on bass and vocal harmonies. Tim decided the commitment to regular gigs was not for him and Peter harper who had often stood in for Tim became the regular bass player on double bass. With peter Harper the band can play purely acoustic sets which is nice. So the band is now based on the distinctive combination of David and Liz Rivett’s vocals and harmonies and instrumental sounds of mandolin
guitar (acoustic and electric) and double bass. David also plays the didgeridoo.
 Bush Dances - The Pioneers have a variety of dances in their repertoire to suit all ages and abilities and they have a great reputation for ensuring all have a good time. They have conducted Bush Dances for occasions ranging from 21st Birthdays to Golden Wedding Anniversaries, for P&C Associations and schools all over WA, and for organizations such as The WA Folk Federation, CALM, Celebrate WA and Whiteman Park.
 Venues – Schools, Fairs, Hotels, Concerts and all the major WA Folk Festivals are some of the venues at which the Pioneers perform, and have performed, in metropolitan and country areas. They perform regularly at the historic Mundaring Weir Hotel.
 The Music is a mixture of classic traditional Australian bush songs, contemporary Australian country and folk, classic and contemporary folk songs of Ireland, Britain and America and original songs penned by the band.  When appropriate they include a few popular music classics from the sixties and seventies. They have made recordings of their traditional and original music.

The Pioneers play at the Mundaring Weir Hotel every other sunday from 2pm till 5pm. So come along and hear my original songs plus some others by Slim dusty, John Williamson etc and listen to Liz singing some of her favourite songs.  


Bush Dances


 A Bush Dance is a popular community activity where people of all ages come together and dance. 

Any celebration is worthy of a good Bush Dance. 

One of the best  events a school can have is a Bush  Dance ;   everyone comes together to enjoy an evening of  fun..

Children  remember  a Bush Dance  for months, even years.


The Pioneers  have earned  a great reputation for ensuring all have a good time ; they have a  variety of dances in their repertoire to suit all ages and  successfully  encourage maximum participation.


Established in 1985, The Pioneers have conducted Bush Dances for many occasions, from 21st Birthdays to Golden Wedding Anniversaries, for P&C Associations all over WA, and for organizations such as  West Australian  Folk Federation, CALM, Celebrate WA and Whiteman Park.


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