Take a Breath; MEDITATION: Chakra Meditation, Mantra Meditation, and Toning.
Meditation has been a fundamental part of my life since 1975 when I was initiated into the teachings of Shri Shri Anandamurti, the guru of Ananda Marga (The path of Bliss).

Meditation is easy. It is as easy as breathing. Just TAKE A BREATH and watch it.The simplest and one of the most effective ways to meditate is to simply watch the breath. As you breath (ensuring that the abdomen expands as you breath in) let your thoughts just be there, whatever they are. Don't try to stop or change your thoughts. Just keep your mind focussed on the breath as it comes in and the breath as it goes out . Simple. 
The addition of a mantra to the act of watching the breath makes one of the most effective meditations available. If you check out the research on meditation you may come to the conclusion, as I did, that the most effective meditaion is in fact Mantra Meditation. Also the absense of any particular dogmas and ritual enhances the effectiveness of the meditation. There is a peculiar tendency among human beings to complicate simple acts with mumbo jumbo. I sometimes wonder if some of this mumbo jumbo was created by people who need to baffle others with 'mystery' to serve their own needs for power and/or prestige. The mystery schools are a mystery to themselves!
I think it's time we demystified meditation and spirituality and dispose of the religious hierarchies which promote beliefs that ultimately serve no other purpose other than to put walls in between people. Let's get rid of this pompous 'secret knowledge' stuff which is such a load of rubbish fit only for the minds of children.
If we meditate and let go of all the clatter and 'neural noise' in our brains we may just realise we are all here together, one world. We may bring peace to this planet before the 'restless minds' destroy it. 

You can open documents on meditation and more advanced meditations from my library.

In due course I will record and make available some guided meditations for you to down load from this site.

 I am available to facilitate workshops anywhere in WA, or beyond! Contact me davidrivett@iinet.net.au

Since the ealy 1980's I have not been an active member of Ananda Marga but I have been teaching mantra and breath meditation and toning using the voice to resonate the chakras. I have recorded a chakra toning meditation. It is based on  Tibetan system of specific vowel sounds and colours to resonate each of the chakras. It works for me and many people I share it with. You can download it here.

Chakra Toning Meditation