Songs from the Albums
David Rivett
Here are our recordings which you can listen to for free.  If you want copies I can send you  recordings by email using googel drive. You can make a donation through the PayPal button above.
Our first recording was made in 1987. We sold it on a cassette tape. It was called The Pioneers from WA. Les helfgott was our fiddle player from 1985 until 1990. He approached Liz and myself in 1985 to form the band. It was a very rewarding period in our lives.  We played a lot in primary Schools, and for community bush dances as well as pubs including of course the Mundaring Weir Hotel. 
Les left us to form another bush band, the Southern Cross Bush band, which became a popular band in Perth. Les sadly died in 2019. 
The master of our Pioneers From WA was lost some years ago, I had one unplayed cassette tape which I made a digital master from. I recently had a request for a copy so I separated out the tracks and now I can upload it to this site so you can enjoy what we did all those years ago. A highlight for me is Liz's song Nothing stays the same which she wrote around 1980 when we lived in the South West of Western Australia in  group settlement cottage on a farm 12 kms out of Busselton.

The Pioneers from WA
The Pioneers from WA cassette cover

Here is the information about more recordings that I did by myself and with the Pioneers. . 
 I have put some songs on efolkmusic.com.

   Our Albums in the order they were recorded.
           1.  MOVING SPIRIT; a collection of solo guitar tunes for meditation and relaxation that I had written between 
                1975 and 1988. Recorded in 1988 at Shelter Recording Studio, Wannneroo, WA. Engineered and mixed
                 by  Andy Priest. Recorded directly to two track digital.

The sound of a single steel string guitar playing music to relax and promote healing
Moving Spirit; Solo acoustic guitar for meditation and healing. Tracks 1=7 can be used for a chakra meditation
           2.  TIME TO GROW; songs that we had written during the 1980's. recorded in 1989 at Shelter Recoding Studio,
                Wanneroo, WA, on 16 track analogue. Engineered and mixed by Andy Priest to DAT tape. A cassette
                tape of this found its way to Berkley  University in California where it was a minor cult hit among some
                students there. If anyone remembers  hearing it then I'd love to hear from them.
David and Liz Rivett's first album of original songs. Recorded by Andy Priest at Shelter Recording Studio in 1989.
Time to Grow: Our first album of original songs includes two by Liz "I wish you love" and "Nothing stays the same".
           3.  Her Winding Path; more spiritual songs that I wrote between 1985 and 1996. Also feature two North
                American Indian chants. Recorded in 1993 and 1996 at my home. I recorded it all on an 8 track analogue
                recorder and mixed it to a DAT tape. Mark Whitehouse at Pro Copy in Perth re mastered it for me.
Part two, Heart Songs ,is often used for groups to chant with if they don't have a musician to lead them.           

Sogs about faeries and the goddess...
Her Winding Path; an album much loved by my pagan friends.
           4.  No Other Land on Earth; the first Pioneers album with Eric Kowarski playing fiddle. Some covers and a 
                few of my originals representing what we were typically playing on a sunday afternoon at the Mundaring
                Weir Hotel. Recorded in 2000 at Eric's studio in Maylands, Perth WA. Engineered and mixed by Eric

Classic Australian folk and country plus some originals.
No Other Land On Earth; The Pioneers classics album with some originals.
Here are some traditional songs and three original tunes from the album "No other land on earth"

          5.  Wide Open Spaces; the second album with Eric. All my songs written between 2005 and 2006.
                Recorded in 2006 at my home using n track digital multitrack program. Eric did his parts at his studio and
                I mixed the songs and mastered the album.

Western Australia is a huge country. Wide open spaces greet the traveller everywhere.
Wide open spaces; The Pioneers, all songs by David Rivett

During the second part of 2011 I managed to find time to record two new albums of original music. One is mainly songs called 'Just about Time'. The other is all guitar instrumentals called 'Moon Lady'
I will upload previews of both soon or you can email me for copies.

Just About Time is a  album of songs recorded in 2011. These songs are a bit more personal and move away from the Australiana theme of our last two albums. When we play live I use a looper so what you hear is what we can play live. Liz plays guitar on some songs when we play live and of course she does the harmony vocals. Here are some mp3's of the recordings also available on CD from me.

Moon Lady. A collection of pieces I developed doing solo gigs at a cafe and market
. I use a looper to create backing and solo over the loop. I had many requests for recordings of this music when I was playing it live, so I sat in my studio and did what I do at gigs......