This is a page purely for 'Save the Planet Songs'  I will put my own songs here and I invite you to send me yours. Whether you are professional or not it doesn't matter. A studio recording or on your phone record it and send it to me. The newest addition to this page is a song called 'Good Planets are hard to find' by Tom Rattigan and Graham Gouldman of 10cc fame.
Busking is a tradition that goes back hundreds probably thousands of years. Now we can busk on the internet.

I want to invite you to send me your 'Save the planet songs'. Send me a mp3 of your song and I'll put it in this space. 'Save the planet songs' are any songs that deal with real issues that effect our abillity to survive and thrive. We need love to survive, we need to share and cooperate. We need to tolerate but we also need to constructively criticise what's around us. 

Send songs to david@davidrivettmusic.com.

No explicit langauge and files no bigger than 6 meg.

Play as if you are on the street.........Don't worry about the recording quality....plug a mike into your computer. Robert Johnson would have loved to record with the quality every computer on the planet can record...sing your songs to the world.....put them on the 
"Save the planet' page. 

This is not a competition. There are no fees and no prizes. Your song could touch someone enough for them to strive to be a better person. This planet is being poisoned by carelessness, ignorance, greed and selfishness. Nothing new I supose except that the things we do are infintely more toxic to the planet than they were two hundred years ago. Before then the main misery and suffering was experienced by humans and often caused by other humans. Now the planet is changing because of our activity. The changes will make life even more difficult for millions of people.
Songs have the power to link us emotionally. Emotions drive our behaviour. Sing your songs to evoke the emotions that bring change. Save the planet.....now........

The Beatles and John Lennon changed the world with their music. You can to...just write and sing wherever you are....the butterfly effect......a ripple becomes a tidal wave.

I'll start this page with a song called 'Plant more Trees'. I wrote this for a school performance on 'World Environment Day' 2006. It always amazes me that at big public open space events people just dump their rubbish where they sit. Another thing that upsets me is how many smokers think the world  is one huge ash tray......


Plant More Trees.
Music and Lyrics David Rivett 2007. 

Take home all your rubbish

Or put it in the bin
Keep our country beautiful
For us to live in
Look after all the animals
The birds and the bees
Look after each other
And plant more trees.

The forests and the rivers
The mountains and the plains
The plants and the animals
Too many to name 
Itís such a beautiful world
That we live in today
But itís up to each and all of us
To keep it that way.

If we live in the city
Or in a small town
Weíre all still a part of the
Environment now
Mother nature needs a hand
From me and from you
We can all do a little
Thing or two

We all need water
The young and the old
Water is so precious
Itís just like gold so
Be careful with the sprinklers
Short showers are best
We can make it last if
We all use less

Here are two of my songs and one by the daughter of a friend of mine Simone Alexander. She has sent me two really good songs.

Poison Train is the second song I've put on this page, it is a new one. The port town of Esperance on the south coast of WA was exposed to dust from lead shipments being transported through the port. The first warning signs of something wrong was hundreds of dead birds. Many people have unacceptable levels of lead in their blood because of this contamination of an otherwise pristine town. Magellan Metals, the Canadian mining company accused of  being responsible was not shut down as you would expect although it was banned from exporting lead through Esperance. It has now got permission from the conservative state government to ship the lead through the port of Fremantle. Why should we trust such a company to not expose the people of Fremantle to lead poisoning?.  How can any politician assure us it is safe? Where are they when it goes wrong? The people of Esperance are still waiting for compensation......Now the train being used to ship lead from Wiluna has found to be contaminated with lead dust. The WA government has suspended all shipments......when will they stop this unacceptable risk completely?
There's a verse about Yarloop and it's battle with Alcoa, and one about Wittenoom.

Here are the lyrics to 'POISON TRAIN'

Poison Train: Words and Music David Rivett 2009

  Thereís a town on the southern sea
  Where birds fell from the sky
  Drinking water stained with lead
  Motherís asking why
 Now that town on the southern sea
 Said youíre not welcome here
 Sent that train on another track
 Wagons full of fear
         Poison train coming down the line
Coming to your town
Rattling bones deadening brains
Coming to your town
Lonely town in the red dirt land
 With blue dust everywhere
 People dying cannot breathe
 No-one can live there
A small town in the dairy land
 Got people getting sick
 Toxic wind from smelter stack
 Who can live in it? 
Wise man in another land
 Said money you canít eat
 Poison running in our blood
 Once beneath our feet
Three more 'Save the Planet' songs for you. The first is another by Simone Alexander. The third one was sent to me recently by Tom Rattigan who co wrote the song with Graham Gouldman of 10cc fame

A band called GREEN WARRIORS based in India contacted me with a suggestion to collaborate on some music with a possible tour of the eastern states of Australia. If there are more bands out there with songs about Climate Change etc I will put links here to your music. Busking is about offering your music for free and if people want to throw a coin they can!

Mother Earth, forgive us.  3rd August 2011 

I’ve played in woodlands fresh from the rain

Picked the wildflowers time and time again

Sung my songs to our mother earth

There is no one else we should put first


I’ve seen the mountains covered with snow

Watched the deserts from the rain begin to grow

Smiling children in distant lands

Holding nothing but hope in their hands


I’ve walked on beaches rode on the waves

While up above me the sea gulls play

Hoped that nothing could take this away

Always somewhere for children to play


I’ve seen the sun rise so many times

Seen the moon shine in bright starry skies

Felt the peace that nature brings my soul

Feel her wisdom grow as I get old


I’ve walked on lands worn by wind and rain

Their faces changed again and again

Beneath this ground some seek for new wealth

Leaving love just dust on the shelf


I’ve heard the speeches watched their eyes

Seen through all those oh so clever lies

Know that there is no one we can trust

Oh Mother Earth please forgive us

"Mother Earth Please forgive us" is a new song of mine. People don't chenge unless they are uncomfortable. I fear that by the time enough people are uncomfortable on this planet it will be too late to halt the changes that will so seriously affect life as we know it on this beautifull planet.