Zig Zag Community Arts; working to support a sense of community through active involvement in the creative arts.
I was on the commitee of the Zig Zag Community Arts for about6 years. I have been involved in the Black Chooks Community world folk music band, which is a Zig Zag community arts project. I have done the sound production for one of the stages at the annual Zig Zag community arts festival in October for the  festivals.
For one year I took on the position of co coordinator of the festival with Celia Cheffins who had been doing a fantastic job for the last 15years. Celia passed away after a long illness in 2019. The festival was not held in 2019 or 2020.
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About Zig Zag Community Arts Inc.

A sense of communty has been identified as an important variable in the well being of people within any community. Fostering a sense of community is the primary focus of the Zig Zag Community Arts. We are a not-for-profit group run by volunteers to promote the arts and community action in the hills and foothills communities roughly within the Shire of Kalamunda. We are an incorporated group, (registered as deductable gift recipient for GST).

The Kalamunda Zig Zag Community Arts Festival began in the early 1980's as a local Shire initiative.  During the first 10 years of its existence, responsibility gradually shifted to the community, until 1993 when the Festival Committee became a separate entity as a community-based non-profit incorporated group.

Between 1994 and 1998, the focus of the Festival Committee was on events and activities for the one-day festival.  Since then, Zig Zag Community Arts has taken on a broader community development role with extended programs that involve many sectors of the community.  These have included youth programs that extend throughout the year.  The change occurred with the recognition of the value of the Festival and the Arts as tools to engage the community and address social issues.

The committee consists entirely of volunteers.  They are community members with a broad range of skills including community development, project management and youth work.  Many also practice craft or art skills, and some teach them as well. 

Throughout the year project teams coordinate art and music workshops that involve both professionals and gifted amateurs.  Some of the activities we have organised in recent years include:

  • Dancing lessons – first, swing dancing and later, formal ballroom dancing leading to the Zig Zag Ball.
  • Comedy workshops coached by professionals, leading to a night of local stand-up comedy.
  • Musical instrument making for children of primary school age, drums and reed instruments, followed by workshops to play them in a band, and in the parade.
  • Poi workshops for youth of a wide age range, including making unusual poi designs and participating in the parade and in youth activities at the festival.
  • Playing and composing original “Junk – Funk music” culminating in recording, mastering and publishing a CD on professional equipment.
  • Comic Book Art workshops leading to a comic book as the liner notes for the CD.
  • Construction of a series of festival parade floats and costumes from salvaged materials – a family activity involving kids, supervised by parents.
  • Youth Band Nights – now in their 3rd year – school holiday event showcasing local musical acts, mentoring by experienced musicians, developing stage craft.
  • Inter-generational activities “Grans on Gophers” electric carts in the parade decorated with materials made by the guides and brownies in a series of workshops.
  • Music sessions learning folk, klezmer, and world music tunes all the year round. Has evolved into Black Chooks Community Band.
  • Madjitil Moorna Choir – singing in aboriginal language.

The Aim of Zig Zag Community Arts is to build a community connected by creativity.