I performed at the Fairbridge Festival in 2011 with Liz and Peter Harper on bass, and Sam Michael ( alias Billy Hillman). We played my original songs and you can hear them on this site on other pages.
We had a really good time with excellent feed back about our performances.
Liz and I did the Toning Meditation workshops on Sat and Sun mornings in 2012 and 2013 at Fairbridge. They were well attended and the roof of the Retreat was raised a couple of inches!

Liz and I played at the second Fairbridge Festival and a couple more since then but we hadn't played there since 2006. That festival finished with a beautifull moment when many young people from family bands refused to stop singing just because the last concert was over. Eventually the sound man turned the sound back up and their voices could be heard singing with such positive affirmation  that  everyone there was truly inspired by their energy. As Louisa Wise said "I think the future is safe..." I started writing a song about it that evening. Here are the lyrics. 
 Love sings her song.
Words and Music David Rivett 2006

As the sun went down you could hear the voices
Singing songs of hope and peace
In a world gone strange it’s hard to find such
Moments when love sings her song

Children singing people weeping
              Hearts can’t hide we’re all as one
              In a world gone strange we need to find such
              Moments when love sings her song

There’s been dreamers who have sung forever
Singing songs of hope and peace
In a world gone strange with darkness growing
On the face of war torn lands

Till the wars are gone with peace returning
And the trees begin to flower again
In a world gone strange we all can still find
Time for love to sing her song


In 2014 I played with the Black Chooks a community band from Kalamunda. We were well received and were invited to play again in 2015. Liz also played and sang with the Black Chooks and this  we got a standing ovation and several mentions on facebook etc
In 2016 we played again as the Pioneers. We had David and Jenny Hoffman who are the musical directors of the Black Chooks playing with u. We were to gave  a special guest appearance from Josie Boyle. Josie is a well known singer and story teller from Kalgoorlie. She sings in her own native language of the Western Desert. However Josie didn't make it but I hope to do some recording with her and you will be able to hear it here on my website.

In 2018 we again performed at Fairbridge. This time we had a 6 piece band called the New Swan Band, and we played for two Bush dances that were very well attended.

We were booked to play at Fairbridge 2020 but due to the pandemic the festival was cancelled. Fairbridge 2021 is currently planned and we are booked for it. Fingers crossed.

So we played Fairbridge this year 2021.We  had a really nice spot in the Chapel and another in the loft, both times the sound was really good.  There were serious sound problems on the bigger stages, I hope next year a different crew is hired. We have applied to play as per last year with peter Harper and/or with David and Jenny Hoffman as the New Swan band.

2022 Festival we were booed, then it was cancelled. 2023 Festival alsocancelled as site no longer available. Folk World currently looking for new site.