MY SONGS; how and why I write songs, some mp3's and lyrics

On this page you will find more about my songs. I will put the lyrics to some of them and low quality mp3's which you can listen to or download. some of these recordings might not be available yet on CD but I will put them on this page because i want people to hear them.

I write intuitively. That is I don't sit down to write a song about any particular subject. The songs come to me while I am playing my guitar or just day dreaming. They usually reflect what I have been thinking about or something I may have heard, read about or witnessed. The information goes into my brain, stews for a while and then comes out as a song. 

Here for instance is a song I wrote about a town called Yarloop in Western Australia.  I knew about the situation there and then I got really stirred up by an article in the West Australian Sunday Times. The people of that town had for many years claimed they were getting sick from being exposed to toxic fumes from an ALCOA refinery nearby. They have formed an action group called CAPS. ALCOA deny that they are causing a problem for the people of Yarloop. The case is now in the courts with no other than ERIN BROKOVICH acting for the people of YARLOOP.

Here are the lyrics and an mp3 of the song.

Just recently the water pipeline from Mundaring to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia was given equal status with other great engineering feats such as the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. The engineer who designed the pipeline was CY O'Connor. Here is a song I wrote a few years ago as a tribute to him. The historic Mundaring Weir Hotel where I have been playing for over 30 years was originally built as the site office for the building of the Mundaring Weir which is the source of the water sent along the pipeline. 

WATER FOR KALGOORLIE; music and lyrics by David Rivett.


About hundred years ago C.Y. O’Connor had a dream

Of a pipeline to Kalgoorlie for the goldfields water scheme

Such a thing had never been done would it work some shouted no!

But one day in the goldfields the water began to flow



The Mundaring Weir Hotel is the where they raised a glass or three

Let’s raise one now to the man who dreamed

Of Water for Kalgoorlie

And if those walls could talk they’d tell many a fine story

Of the men who built the weir for

The Water for Kalgoorlie


Dreamers of this world are the ones who give us hope

A better world for all of us their spirit does invoke

O’Connor was a man with a vision that could move

A hundred men to go to work and the Goldfields life improve


The sad part of the tale something that you all must know

The man who dreamed it all never saw the water flow

But his spirit lingers on in the Goldfields towns and here

A pipeline for a lifeline for O’Connor raise a cheer.

Love will come again is a song I wrote about Recovery. It's about letting go of fear and knowing that love will always return. For Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor who asked me a year ago for a recording of this song; sorry it took so long to let it go..........A special thanks to Karen for helping me to identify that my dream wasn't just to record a CD of my more personal songs , but to change the world(for the better!)with my music. Some might say that it is presumptuous to try to make this world a better place but we all change the world with our uniqueness (the butterfly effect) and we need to dream so why not dream of a better place? This site is an outcome of that dreaming. I had to let go of waiting for the recordings to be perfect, for my voice to sing every note intune......well I'd be waiting a long time. So here it is! 

And for Dirk Corstens who asked for for another song of mine...here it is. It's a song called 'Freedom that you seek'....for all voice hearers.....

Again apologies for the delay...I recorded this some time ago but didn't think it was good enough...when will it ever be good enough?....I have to learn to let go. 

I'm always recording and messing around with songs. Sometimes I look back at things stored on my computer realise that they are better than I thought at the time. Hers's some examples.......

Age of Aquarius, words and music David Rivett 2006.

I saw a shadow passing by
Through the flowers and trees
I thought perhaps that it was you
But it was just a breeze
Would I know you if I could
See right through the veil
Perhaps there’s nothing over there
Just a comfort tale
Age of Aquarius new age of love and light
I see nothing changing
No age of love and light

A song of healing song of love
Was shining in the dark
We knew it was wrong place wrong time
The people had no heart
I thought that when I reached this age
The love would shine forever
That we would fly around the sun
With spirits light as feathers

Age of Aquarius new age of love and light
I see nothing changing
No age of love and light

Something strange is calling me
From a cloudless sky
I’ve been wrong to look for you
Down where evil lies
There’s so much more for me to be
I’m only just begun
And my age is helping me
Fly closer to the sun

Age of Aquarius age of love and lightI can feel the changes Age of love and light.

Written for a friend who passed away..............he was a searcher....... 


Sometimes at gigs I take a recorder and connect it to the PA. I have put some recordings here for you. I played with the EQ and added some reverb but otherwise they are what our audience heard on the day. These recordings are of just Liz and me, they were recorded at the Mundaring Weir Hotel. There are some live recordings of the Pioneers as a trio with Eric on the PIoneers page
I'll add more later....watch this space.........

A new song called Take a Breath is on YOU TUBE http://www.youtube.com/?gl=AU&hl=en-GB
Here are the lyrics

Take a breath.  lyrics and music by David Rivett 2012 

When the wind is a rising And the storm clouds flying

And your heart is pounding so loud You feel you should be running

But your feet are dragging And your head is spinning round


Chorus; Take a breath

Think of a cool sweet morning

That will come when

The storm has gone away

Take a breath

Take it deep into your heart now

The storm will pass

And there will be a brand new day


Look around this old world and See the flags are flying

Hear the voices crying out for love In the streets they are shouting

And the guns they are firing See the tears in the eyes of the dove


When the wars are all over There’ll be tears from the mother

For the children who are all dead Angry men will say they’re sorry

They will march and they will sing songs And say it won’t happen again.