MUSIC for MEDITATION: Music to enhance the experience of meditation and healing
I have taught meditation for 30 years and over 25 years ago I recorded an album of guitar music for chakra meditation and relaxation; the pieces had been composed over the previous 10 years.  I played one of these peices  to my son Rabi when he was very sick in hospital with pneumonia at age 22 months. It seemed to help him relax so I called it Rabi's lullaby. You can listen to Rabi's lullaby here.

 From the late 1970's I began writing songs for spiritual travellers and  gatherings. Some of these songs are simple chants that can be used to prepare for meditation. In 1993 and 1996 I recorded some of these songs and chants and they are now available on an album called "Her winding path" These songs and chants are very popular with the pagan community. These recordings are only available from me directly. Here you can download low quality recordings of some of the songs featured on 'Her winding Path'.
When I facilitate meditation sessions I play improvised 'channelled' music on a guitar specially made for me by Scot Wise. Twenty years ago I asked him to create a nylon string guitar which sounded like a harp. He produced a beautiful guitar based on the South American style of guitar. Some people have thought they were in fact listening to a celtic harp when they were in fact listeing to this guitar. I have never recorded this music.
Here is a link to a video of Fern Pool in WA. A peaceful meditative place.